2012 Hyundai: The New You

With it super sleek look, the new 2012 Hyundai Genesis is in a class of its own. From the stylish look to the outstanding safety features, this car will blow you out of the water. It is the perfect trophy car with its curves as well as its high performance. This car is perfect for any occasion and the opportunity to test drive it should not be passed up.

From the front to the back, and side to side this car is like a sparkling diamond that says look at me. The LED lighting sits just above the bumper giving this car the ultra sexy look that will always turn heads. The power-folding of the side mirrors allow just a little more room for those tight corners. There is also lighting just under the doors for an added bonus. Never again will finding those dropped your keys be an issue. Your new Hyundai Genesis will always light the way.

The driver assistance system watches the car’s location in your lane. If you veer out of your lane and don’t use your turn signal then this smart car notifies you with a warning light and sound. Another added smart feature is from the front this car is enabled to detect the distance between you and the next car. Never again be frustrated with your cruise control settings because this cause has your back. If someone rear-ends you from the back, the head restraints automatically jolt forward so that you are more protected from developing whiplash because of the accident. The Anti-lock brake system and electronic brake force distribution are just two more examples of the safety that this car has.

Over a few years this car has received multiple awards for its continued design, power and elegance. The high performance V8 engine has 429hp as well as 376 lbs of torque. This allows for the gas to be directly injected which brings more power, and better gas mileage. In this economy you can’t go wrong with the Genesis. Not only is there better mileage but also lower emissions. Whether this is your first car or your fiftieth car it has all the features that you’re looking for plus some. By stepping into this car you are stepping into your future.

Written By Webb Hyundai
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